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I'm Andie Nordgren. I am a Senior Producer at CCP Games - we make Eve Online, Dust 514 and World of Darkness.

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Some previous fun

Around 2002-2008 I was active in the change-through-participation art zine/think tank/activist group Interacting Arts and helped make and publish Interacting Arts Magazine.

RjDj creates mind twisting hearing sensations by weaving your environment into music, using the sensors on your music player. I worked for RjDj in London from Dec 2008 to April 2010.

While in London, I lived and tinkered in the Shoreditch Hacker House.

In 2007 I produced the game part of Interactive Emmy Award winning project The Truth About Marika.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Systems Science from Stockholm University.

Aug 19, 2010

What I do at CCP

I’ve now been at CCP Games for about 3 months. It’s been a great time so far. CCP Unifex has just posted a dev blog about our group in CCP and the technology we work on - if you’re curious about what I do, this is a good read: 

Carbon and the Core Technology Group

In the list of teams in the post, the 2 Core Graphics teams are who I work closely with as a technical producer and product owner:

2 x Core Graphics Teams (12 people): These teams are those working in the bowels of Trinity2, making it perform better, provide sexier visuals and use more up-to-date technology. The Carbon Character Technology video from earlier in this blog demonstrates a small portion of their work-in-progress. As you can see, this team has been working on the graphics technology for avatars and the environments they will inhabit. For EVE that’s Incarna. These guys also develop and maintain our in-house tools system, ‘Jessica’, which is used by pretty much every developer in CCP and contains the Trinity2 rendering engine. As requests for improvements, new functionality or bug fixes come in from the EVE developers, the Core Graphics guys get on the case and deliver. Jessica is also used by the EVE video team in making all of our trailers, allowing them serious time-saving shortcuts in staging assets for dramatic narrative effect.

The video mentioned is this demo of our character technology:

And I get to work on this cool stuff here: 

Come visit soon!

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